Life Insurance Services in Bangalore

Why Life Insurance

Salaried employee or an independent individual both can take advantage of Life Insurance as a part of self protection against the harsh conditions of life. You may invest in ‘Life Insurance Policy’ and get complete coverage of your family in one hood. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) charges lesser than other prevalent companies in the same sector and offer unbelievable returns. In case you want to consultation on this, then we have LIC Advisors who offer an array of services and advices for your stability. Please be assured as our LIC Advisors are Government’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) Certified.

Protect Your Loved ones who depend on you

Online Home Services serve as a constant platform for all your Life Insurance plans, Saving Plans and other tax benefiter’s plan.

Life Insurance Plan details:

  • 20 years money back policy of lic plan
  • Lic new Child Plan
  • Lic Term insurance Plan
  • Lic life time Pension Plan
  • Lic health insurance plan ( Lic Medical Plan)
  • Lic Tax free investment plan

 Services provided by insurance companies in Bangalore :

  • Life Insurance of India for Indian Resident
  • Life insurance for NRI
  • HUF Insurance policy (Hindu Undivided Family)
  • Employer and Employee Insurance

What You Get

Get Financial life advisor

Different types of life insurance

Guaranteed life insurance

Budget life insurance

long term care insurance

Lic online payment

life insurance solutions

Lic premium tax benefit

How it Works

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