Start an Investment Plan and Save Tax

What is Tax Planning ?

Tax saving is a important part of financial planning. Tax planning & Financial Planning are closed linked, both can help you to reach short term goals and long term goals. Tax planning strategies can help you to save more money and for investment also. Start your investement in tax saving scheme as early as possible to save tax.

Tax Planning really means Avoid taxes. Tax saving Financial Instruments helps in reduce tax liability and avoid legal trouble because you were unware that you are liable to pay taxes. You can save tax tax upto the extent of 65000* just by investmnent in under sections 80C and 80D. Tax saving is a very important part of financial planning.

How to save tax ?

  • Save tax on (HRA)House rent allowance
  • Medical coverage tax saving insurance
  • Save tax on home Loans
  • Save tax by investment in mutual fund

Tax Saving benefits

  • Max tax rebate upto rs 150,000 on the premiums paid under section 80c
  • All premiums under insurance polices are eligible for tax rebate
  • Death claim Amount are tax free
  • Maturity amount are tax free
  • Better Retirement

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